The Inspirers

We Gained From Them The Passion For Heritage & Culture

The late Mohammed Khalaf Al Mazrouei – May Allah have mercy on his Soul

Dean of Culture in Abu Dhabi

The late Mohammed Khalaf Al Mazrouei served as Cultural and Heritage Advisor at the Diwan of His Highness the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. He was considered as one of the most important references in all matters concerning the culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. The late played a significant and effective role in enriching the link between the past and the present through organizing a number of initiatives and events that celebrate the Emirati customs, traditions and heritage.

One of the most important achievements of the late Mohammed Khalaf Al-Mazrouei is the registration of the heritage of falconry in the Organization of UNESCO as a living human heritage. He was also an active contributor to the Kalima Translation Project, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, the Million’s Poet Program, the establishment of the Poetry Academy, the launch of Baynounah Satellite Channel and the publication of Shawatia Magazine ( Shores), which highlights Abu Dhabi’s cultural features.

Through the career of the late Mohammed Khalaf Al Mazrouei, May Allah have mercy on his Soul, he has left his mark on the cultural and heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

The most important of these marks are: the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, the organization of the International Festival of Friendship of the Falconry, Liwa Dates Festival, Al Dhafra Festival, Baynounah Camel Festival (Mazayna).

Mohammed Khalaf Al Mazrouei, through his love for his country and his dedication to serve his country, was keen to cultivate the love of participating in cultural and heritage events and festivals throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the souls of youth.

The late Mohammed Khalaf Al Mazrouei died in 2014 at the age of 48.

Mubarak Al Braiki

Founder of Umm Al-Salsal Foundation for Organizing Heritage Exhibitions and Forums

Father Mubarak Saeed Al Buraiki was impressed by the state’s heritage of all kinds, since the eighties, where he was working as an employee in the port of Zayed, and continued his work for about 30 years. He was proud that he did not receive a single warning, and did not miss his work a day with or without justification. He retired in 1994 to allow others to work and serve the homeland. He does not consider himself a retired but a servant to his homeland, and any work assigned to him he shall perform to the fullest.

Al-Buraiki holds dozens of certificates of appreciation and awards for his work in the service of heritage, which intensified during his retirement. He, unlike people when they retire, has become more active in the fields of heritage, especially the establishment of heritage villages, whether for official bodies or private sectors. Many villages have been established in local festivals, various exhibitions, events of the Women’s Union, cultural bodies, petroleum companies and technical colleges, all of which are keen to establish these villages near their facilities during various national and religious events for each institution or college.

His work in heritage was formally represented by joining a folklore association. Al-Buraiki said “I entered the heritage field since the early 1980s, and then in 1990 it started through the “Association for the Revival of Heritage” and officially participated in the first event in the society through a collective work to establish an exhibition with a heritage village. And then my contributions followed, I contributed to the organization of student marches on national holidays, especially the heritage side. Perhaps the most important march I participated in is that in which I held the Torch of the Union, with six of my colleagues, and we started holding the torch from the “Cultural Complex” to all emirates of the state, on seven camels. Our journey lasted about two weeks. We were seen off by His Highness Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Interior. When he gave me the Torch, he commanded me, “Beware not to be toppled”, I said to His Highness, “My Head not the Torch.”

We have been received by the rulers of all the emirates that received the Torch March.